Using Your Credit Card Benefits


I'm obsessed with getting the most out of my credit cards (read: points, points, points!). Using credit cards are nice because they give you points, but also there are some pretty valuable benefits - so consider taking a bit of time reading the fine print on the pages when you get your card.

If you are like me and don't have time to read all that jumbo, consider using Earny or Sift to help you figure out if you can save a bit of money. One of the most significant benefits that many credit cards have is price protection. Sift or Earny will not only detect the credit card benefits for you, but they will automatically file claims on your behalf. You have to set up your email with the two apps, and they will scan your mailbox for any receipts that might have any price changes. Yes, you can do this on your own, but it will eat up your valuable time. It might be worthwhile to do on your own for big purchases, but less so for small ones. In the end, Sift and Earny both charge about 25% of everything that you get back.

The apps only find price differences on receipts sent to your email. Obviously, if you buy something in-person and notice a price change consider using Habiliss.

Pros: Scans your email to protect your online purchases and saves you money

Cons: Only works for online purchases or in-person purchases that email you receipts

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