Monetizing a Side Hustle


I love people who have a side hustle. I believe those who take the time to put something together and try to monetize an idea while others are relaxing from their day jobs are super driven and entrepreneurial. I am impressed by that.

To help get people started with side hustles, I suggest using a platform like Fiverr. It's a freelance marketplace for any number of services from data entry to website design and more. It started as a website to sell a particular service for five bucks, and it has grown into a massive marketplace for basically any service you might want.

I've used both the service as a seller and a buyer. As a seller, you can set up a profile through Fiverr's form and in about 20 minutes can start selling whatever you want to sell. A long time ago, I got into Photoshop and had one skill: editing photos to take out wrinkles from clothes. I'd sell my service for $5. As a buyer, you can quickly look through the services that you want, and you can also place a "buyer request" so that sellers can place bids on your project. In return for the service, Fiverr makes its money through a small commission fee on both sides.

If you are a new seller, it will be a bit tough to stand out. You won't have many reviews and people tend to choose people with lots of them. That is why you need to be entrepreneurial. Start with a low price point. Market yourself outside of Fiverr and send them to your Fiverr page.

Pros: You can quickly set up a page for your side hustle.

Cons: You still need to work to get your page seen.