Paying Credit Cards


Using a credit card is annoying. Why? Because it feels like you have more money than you have. To help with this, I started using Debx, and I'm kinda obsessed. Debx is an app that connects your credit and debit card accounts. Every time you spend something on your credit card, Debx automatically pays off that credit card on a daily basis using whats in your checking account. It's nice because it helps you know how much you should spend each month.

Debx has two functionalities. First, you set up your "autopay" setting where it will automatically pay off any credit card purchase at or under that amount. For example, I set it at $250. That means any purchases, like coffee or clothing, that's under $250 will be automatically paid off. This autopay setting is important and needed because let's say you make a huge purchase like a trip for you and your friends. You don't necessarily want that paid off the day that you purchase it (I mean, unless you have the cash to front it!). The second functionality is your "shut off" setting, the amount you want your checking account to stop making daily payments. For example, if you have $500 left in your checking account, you might want to stop making regular payments to keep that cash.

The app shows you that you should spend what you can pay off. You can see your net worth right on the screen and see if you should stop buying random stuff. It also helps you earn rewards that you would otherwise not be getting if you use your debit card.

Pros: I love not having to worry about paying my credit card off each month. It stops the bleeding.

Cons: I wish there were functionality for cash purchases like rent. It takes about a week or so for my landlord to cash in my rent check, so my balance looks artificially high for about a week.


Edward SantosComment