Working Out to Music


I love listening to music when I workout or study, but I hate creating playlists (Sorry Spotify!). I just don't have the time to curate music for a specific purpose. One of the best apps that I've used for a while is Fit Radio. Basically, DJs create jams so that you don't have to. You can choose music by genre, workout type, and even BPM. In terms of music, there is a pretty good range from Top 40 to Hip-Hop to Faith (??...they have Faith music, but they don't have Disco?!).

The app is not free, but I use it daily, whether it's for runs, workouts, work, etc. It's been worth it to me. Music is a very personal thing for people, so try it out yourself first. There is a free trial. There are also Groupons that bring the price down, so just do a google search and see if there are any deals out. I also think there is a lifetime subscription of $60, which you will realize you will use or not after a few months or so.

Pros: Music that is well curated with new playlists weekly. Favoriting a DJ's playlist allows you to play it without needing service (on a plane or in a subway).

Cons: The app doesn't have Disco music (a personal con) and there is a cost associated with using the app.


Edward SantosComment