Needing a Fax Machine

Fax Burner.jpg

Guys, it is 2018 and I am finding myself still needing to fax things. Crazy right? With the creation of email, you would think that sending paperwork through a phone number would be done and over. Yet, I am finding that organizations like the government and my doctor's office sometimes requires paperwork to be faxed or worse...if I can't fax, then hand-delivered (uh, I don't have time for that). To hack this faxing issue, I use two services for sending and receiving faxes.

To send faxes, I use MyFax. You can send 10 pages of faxes for 2 times every day. Digitize your paperwork and send off via MyFax. Simple as that.

To receive faxes, I use Fax Burner. The idea behind Fax Burner is simple. Much like a burner phone, you get a temporary number for 24-hours to use to send and receive faxes. Not only does it work on your computer, but also works on your phone, which is amazing.

I have to use two different services because of the restrictions each app has. I haven't found an app that allows both free sending and receiving of faxes without very limited restrictions. MyFax doesn't allow receiving faxes for free, only sending them. Fax Burner is great for sending faxes - they give you 25 free pages to receive faxes every month - but you only get to send 5 faxes for life - unless you want to pay. I do not want to pay to occasionally send a fax to whatever old-school stone aged organization requires it, so this system has been super helpful for me.

Pros: Its free, fast, and easy to use for the occasional faxer. Also, it beats going to FedEx/Kinkos to send a fax for $1.50 a page.

Cons: Using two apps is annoying. Restrictions might be annoying for users who want to send more than 20 pages a month (BTW...if you are sending more than 20 pages a month, you are not an occasional user :)

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