Gripping Your Phone


I used to have an iPhone SE, and I loved it. My hands are stubby, and I liked the fact that the iPhone SE just fit in my hands well. But I upgraded to the iPhone X (Yaasss animoji and portrait mode!), and now I have to use both hands to touch this damn screen.

For those of you who are hand-challenged, my lifesaver has been the Popsocket. It's a funky little device that sticks on to the back of your phone that helps you hold it. Just stick the Popsocket on the back of the bottom half of your phone, and you never have to use both hands again (well, at least 95% of the time). It also produces this satisfying pop when you expand it, so its great for those who need something to fiddle with :)

Pros: The Popsocket helps you grip your phone better, so you'll no longer worry too much about dropping your phone.

Cons: It's being held on your phone by a sticker, so naturally, after about six or so months, the sticker might fall off (it did for me). I just ended up buying a new one.

Link: I got them for about $7 at and on $9 on